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International Backpacking Travel Tips

  1. Don't leave your backpacks unattended, especially when sleeping. Keep them on you or right next to you in a manner that will rouse you if someone tampers with them.

  2. When staying in a hostel or hotel, ensure your belongings are locked in the lockers (bring a padlock and small locks to secure your backpacks).

  3. When sleeping in a hostel or hotel, ensure your phone is right next to you, in your pillowcase, while everything else is locked up in the locker.

  4. If you're bringing expensive technology such as a laptop, pad, or kindle, or any jewelry, please keep in mind these belongings should be locked up or in your pillow when sleeping.

  5. Try not to show off where you're from or expose too much information to strangers. It's essential to keep a low profile at all times.

  6. Ensure when you're going out at night (and especially if you're consuming alcohol) to be with at least two other people at all times.

  7. Download important information to your phone for the next day. Many apps like app or Google Maps allow you to download their content for an area giving you maps while offline.

  8. Ensure you understand the language's simple phrases in the area you're traveling to by downloading certain language apps. I like Google Translate.

  9. Cash is kink carry some AT ALL TIMES. I brought at least $100 in cash when going out for a day trip. As well as two debit cards and one credit card--ensure you set a travel notification with your banks.

  10. Keep an open mind, and lean into new experiences.

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