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Influencer Program

We cherish our influencers and want to support them/you along the journey. Trip Pilot is still a small growing brand that relies heavily on word of mouth to grow.  Social media influencers and content creators/contributors are how we magnify our voice in this world of too much information. To tag us in your posts, use:

@tribepilot, #tribepilot, and #gatheryourtribe


Becoming a Trip Pilot influencer is as easy as tagging us in your outdoor adventures. We are honored to be tagged and mentioned in all your outdoor adventures.  If we could encourage one aspect that is especially valuable to us, it is the group dynamic.  To us, this is the entire trip journey, not just the perfect sunset.  It's the hilarious text string, the prep, and planning of meals and gear, the route picking ahead of time, and once out there, it's the interaction of the Tribe.  Comraderies around cooking a meal, setting up camp, sitting around the smoky morning embers, and laughing during evening cocktail hour.  Hero shots are great and keep them flowing, but don't forget about real interactions that memorialize the adventure in your lifetime highlight real.


BETA program: We are still working out the details for our influencer program. So hang in there with us, and please provide feedback.  Once you drop a few tags for us, we will set you up with a FREE PRO ACCOUNT in the app.  Become regular and consistent with your tagging. We will hook you up with a hat, shirt, other schwag to be announced.  Feel free to reach out if you have an epic trip coming. We may be able to hook you up with some branded stuff beforehand.  Reach out directly at

Below are a few examples, and we're sure you can do better.

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