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Business As a Force For Good.

  • People: We are against racism, discrimination, and inequality in every form.

  • Planet: We are defenders of the planet and will use our influence and profits to protect the earth.

  • Profits: We are for profits so we can grow and use busines for greater good.

PRO Account

Unlimited Trip Plans

Chat Between Trip Mates

Vibrant Trip Invites

Shared maps/location

Activity Selector

Personal Lists

Small Group Lists

Notes / Documents

Large Group Lists/To-Do

Large Group Notes

Multipin Maps

Personal Library



Yearly subscription for $29.99

If you are a PRO you, unlock the PRO features for everybody else on the trip too.  

All the details all the time, surfaced in the app.

Invite Friends 

Pick a date

Choose the destination

Chat with the crew

Works off grid

Layout your route

Assignable lists

Live trip updates

Your next adventure starts here!

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​Customer Reviews

I plan five to six adventures a year with friends and family. Tribe Pilot has helped me reduce confusion and make our trips smoother by keeping everything in one place and removing ambiguity in the details. Gone are the questions like "where are we staying again?", "What exact days are we meeting?", and most importantly "Who is bringing the coffee?".

Jesse Rosenzweig

As the trip planner for my friend group I know there is a gap in this market and see a huge potential. I plan for groups of 12-16 on international and backcountry trips using google sheets and docs. There should be a better way.

Timothy Fischer

In the era of COVID19, I think the timing of the Tribe Pilot App and the demand for Apps like this to help organize outdoor trips will only grow. I'm excited to see how things evolve as outdoor activities are really the only activities that all people fully endorse amid this pandemic. I see the Tribe Pilot App as a huge catalyst for enabling people to get together and organize amazing adventures while still be able to social distance!

Kenny Parsons

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