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Outdoorsy Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers can be a pain, so we came up with a list of stuffers for your favorite outdoor people. These are simple, inexpensive but forever useful ideas.

Pocket Bellows- One of our favorite outdoor products, Pocket Bellows is the only hack you need to start a fire. It seems like a simple, silly little invention, but you will be impressed with the utility of this tube. It’s a piece of gear that always goes missing from our founder Matt's Ammo Can, thanks to the crew running off with it.

Outdoor Edge Chow Pal- Simply the best eating multi-utensils for the outdoors. The knife is actually sharp, the spoon is substantial, and the fork gets the job done. It packs uptight and comes with an easy carry pouch. A few extra tools are fit in for a bonus. We have tried a lot of options over the years in this category. We’re serious when we say, “look no further.”

Pocket Tweeze- The last tweezers you will ever need. Except that your friends, husbands, kids, and wives will always be stealing them. These little beauties were invented and built by a construction contractor and were famous around job sites to extract the toughest splinters. Finally, they hit the market in volume several years ago; buy 2 just in case.

Locking Carabiners- Having too many locking carabiners is a hard thing to imagine. We spend a lot of time on the water during run-off season and find that carabiners are often borrowed, dropped, lost, or donated. Typically two to four leave our care each year. Stockings are how we keep the supply replenished, so drop a few in the stocking. We like these packs by Black Diamond.

NRS Cam Straps- Like carabiners, cam straps often go missing each year. We love these as stocking stuffers. If you don’t have cam straps in your gear closet, get some. They are endlessly useful. Keep a few in the car, in your bag, in your backpack. They come in various sizes. Keep notes on what ones you're light on, and use them to bulk up the stocking. NRS makes them best, there are other brands, but they don’t seem to cam as well. Pick up some six-footers as a starting point.

Nite Ize Gear Ties- You will find endless uses for these gear ties around the house and on your adventures. They are a level up from everything you have used before. We use them for tying up ropes and extension cords, but where they really excel is when you least expect it. We have found them holding up the speaker off a lofty branch, formed into hangers to dry clothes, hanging a water filtration system. Grab a variety pack and keep them close.

I hope this helps!

Tribe Pilot Content Team!

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